Halloween Costume Idea Gallery

Looking for costume ideas?

The Costume Shoppe in Maple Lake is here to help!

Browse our photo gallery below. We only have room here to show you 100 costumes, but we have over SIX THOUSAND costumes in our store!

We sew about 90% of what you will see in our store — that means we have some of the most UNIQUE and WELL-MADE Halloween costumes in the state.



Remember, we have over SIX THOUSAND costumes in our store. (sorry that we could only post about a hundred here)

Our costumes are adult-sized. We strive to have high-quality, tasteful outfits; you won’t find any offensive characters like creepy clowns or pregnant nuns.


Call, email, or visit the store to find out how we can help you look your best!

The Costume Shoppe
116 Division St. W.
Maple Lake, MN 55358